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aiCon is an AI collaborative cloud platform for construction-inspection management. aiCon offers several phases of inspection to the users in the construction projects.

As any other processes in the project, the inspection processes too are designed/determined using the JUMMA process engine. 

There are four phases of Inspections:


1.    Planning Inspection

2.    Inspection per Standards/Regulations

3.    Performance Inspection

4.    Quality Inspection

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Adaptation and validation of a collaborative platform for Improving Collaboration and Communication in Construction: Current construction management systems are designed not to take into account new and emerging forms of communication. Jumma introduces AI-Construct with modules for:


  1. mobile platform and mobile communication in the field and in the offices, when the same full system is used in the mobile device;

  2. plans and documents present in the field at all times;

  3. the process engine implementation will automatically assign workflows for the teams based on timeline, crafts, and assets of the building, which will be presented to all participants;

  4. documentation of inspection using mobile technology will enable to “on site digitally document the events” that will automatically exclude the flaws, document it and digitally send it to all the relevant people (just by clicking “send” when the list of recipients is automatically assigned using the process engine);

  5. the owners to be “real time” involved in the construction process, and enabling them to participate if they would like to implement changes. The completion of these objectives will result in dramatic improvement of the construction process as well as dramatic increase of communication between all parties. 


In addition, Jumma has all usual elements for team communication and collaboration to increase project success:


  • Common storage (and easy access to) for all members of the project

  • At each moment, system knows who is "is charge" of any task

  • Tracks and archives communications to improve accountability

  • Distributes email notifications for overdue items, and for quality problems – including proper documentation to all members involved in problem

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Inspection Method

aiCon delivers a system for Inspection as a process based on crafts and assets. The usual way of implementing inspection nowadays (using the existing systems) is to manually create “punch lists” or “check lists” by the managers, and the teams execute on them in the field. SmartInspect delivers a new method using the process engine. For every craft, a process of the necessary steps for full delivery is created. Every asset in the building, or outside in the area associated, has some crafts that need to be performed (and a way to checking the performance). By intertwining between the two processes, we can deliver a set of inspection tasks – that are automatically created by SmartInspect, and associated with the workflow of each team member of the project. The completion of these objectives will result in an automated digital way for inspection – that does not only save a lot of time of managers – but also makes the documentation of these inspections total digital and are distributed automatically.

This results not only by a very efficient way for inspection (and reduction on costs), but also will ensure that the necessary craft-men are immediately summoned by the system to repair the necessary documented flaws. Looking at the “big picture” this also results, by using the BI of the system, to know who are the craft-men that are best, better or those that are a problem in the construction project. This can be done cross building projects – by the owners.

Construction Processes

Current construction management systems are not designed to take into account the implementation of the management “knowledge” into successful projects. 


In Jumma we deliver Business Processes for Construction – which will introduce a new paradigm in construction management. In each construction project, managers implement their “knowledge” by instructing the teams and by inspecting their day-to-day work in the field. 


By introducing business processes re-defined for construction, we will enable the “knowledge” to be automatically translated into the work flows for each participant in the process (each team member), and for them to digitally (using mobiles) record it, and to be managed. The completion of these objectives requires the generation of a new paradigm of the construction sector. This new paradigm will define new “knowledge” models for cooperation and implementation of the work done between the owners, the managers and all other participants in the construction area as well as new models of communication between them, taking into account technologies that exist in many other areas (insurance, banking, production, etc.) but was never developed and implemented in the construction area

Quality Assurance System in


aiCon delivers Digital Quality Assurance System in Construction. The Inspection engine (see above) can be used for onsite inspection in two stages:

  1. while the teams are working on the different assignments and crafts – and then the inspection is a “performance inspection”;

  2. when a specific craft-task is finished, then the same inspection becomes a quality assurance task.

By documenting it in SmartInspect and especially taking pictures of the flaws, or “crossing” the flaw picture with the plans (that are also present in the mobile device because of the communication module) – this is sent to the person in charge to immediately take care. This results in an automated digital way for Quality Assurance – that does not only save a lot of time for managers – but also makes the documentation of these inspections data to be used in a “rejection-alert” module that exists in the system. A rule is assigned to each “flaw event” – and the system automatically implements the rule (which might be “send for repair”, or “stop the work until repair” or “stop payment until repaired… or any rule created/assigned by managers/owners. 

A novel addition to the construction management is introduced - involvement of regulatory and security processes as an integral part of quality assurance, to enable authorities to be part of the selected necessary data.

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Due to international management aspect of the construction projects - and in accordance to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a special Inspection paradigm is introduced - "Remote Inspection" through panoramic 360 video using augmented reality technology, as well as using drones. 

aiCon enables Remote Inspection in construction. In the real world, most of construction companies are not located near the construction project. There are a lot of costs associated with relocation and trips for inspection. aiCon will deliver a way to perform “remote inspection” for both the performance inspection and the quality assurance.


A new technology has been developed by partnering with joanneum research  - Using a panoramic video camera, located on on a united or tripod and using virtual reality technology - it enables AI-Construct taking a 360 video by a nonprofessional, use SmartInspect inspection engine remotely; in addition, a video database for storage and performant access is being developed to be able to query Video-Frames by position, orientation and inspection points.

Drones' videos are added and used in both Remote and Onsite Inspection 


With aiCon project teams have instant access to project data with the power to create, view, edit, and share project information regardless of their location. 

  • Instant access to project information

  • Individual project-based and profession-based permission levels to protect confidential project data

  • Manage/participate projects from any location with any mobile or Internet-connected device; offline work available, to be synced when internet is available (in garages and other levels with no internet connection)


aiCon will be used in the language the client uses most.


  • The system has been developed “language less” – when the language is imported from an external file

  • CC: has launched this year in English and Hebrew. Later in 2018 in Arabic, Spanish and in 2019 in some other European languages.

  • SmartInspect will add multiple languages (for a fee) (estimated to be €20,000 for a language, after translation)

  • The user will be able to set a language and/or change any time by a click of a button

  • This will definitely improve collaboration across cities, states, and countries, especially in Europe where so many languages are used – not only between countries but also within a country.


aiCon's multilingual interface-capability allows project team members to collaborate on projects using the interface language they are most comfortable working in. A team with Spanish-speaking engineers can collaborate with English-speaking architects by allowing users to designate which language they want ORBIPS 's user interface to display. The interface for a single project can simultaneously be displayed in multiple languages, depending upon user preference.


aiCon's user interface includes all of the tool screens that make up AI-Construct 's mobile application. A special button within the application switches seamlessly between languages, enabling users to navigate ORBIPS in the language they prefer.

BI and  

aiCon offers a BI system based on the ability of analyzing the project data (which is constantly aggregated from all the activities in the system in real time) and as one of its significant features serves also as a decision support system.

A dedicated module has been developed, engaging third party software, which enables the user the view of all types of data and statistics of the projects using various options of presentations. 

Cloud technology and SaaS business model

aiCon is a cloud-based SaaS platform that works mobile and web - with any standard web browser, on any Internet-connected device. This means that the power of CC: can be accessed by any of the construction team members, assigned for the project: from owner, architect, constructors, subcontractors, etc., regardless of their location and operating system.


  • No server installation or hardware required

  • No maintenance fees for users (payment by project with unlimited number of users)

  • All project data is synced and shared in real time


Jumma 's servers are located in AWS (Amazon Web Services), and can be installed at any hosting facility, chosen by the client.

User Login

  • aiCon platform is protected by unique user ID and password login authentication, for every user. When registering a user, the administration tools guides clients to assign projects, to assign permission read/write to the project, and to define profession – which will also automatically set permissions within the project (defined by the client at setup).  Users cannot access accounts for which they have not been granted permission, since each user's data creation, editing, and viewing permissions were custom-configured at the project level. aiCon dynamically monitors permissions during user sessions in order to ensure that only appropriate data is displayed.

  • aiCon does not allow the deletion of data. Project data can be hidden from users, made private between users, or placed in the "Recycle Bin" to remove the data from an archive, but data can be deleted only by super-administrators, and even then it will be saved in a special audit-trail purposes.

  • llation or hardware required

  • No maintenance fees for users (payment by project with unlimited number of users)

  • All project data is synced and shared in real time


Jumma 's servers are located in AWS (Amazon Web Services), and can be installed at any hosting facility, chosen by the client.

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