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Adaptation and validation of a collaborative platform for Improving Collaboration and Communication in Construction: Current construction management systems are designed not to take into account new and emerging forms of communication. ORBIPS introduces modules for:


  1. mobile platform and mobile communication in the field and in the offices, when the same full system is used in the mobile device;

  2. plans and documents present in the field at all times;

  3. the process engine implementation will automatically assign workflows for the teams based on timeline, crafts, and assets of the building, which will be presented to all participants; (iv) documentation of inspection using mobile technology will enable to “on site digitally document the events” that will automatically exclude the flaws, document it and digitally send it to all the relevant people (just by clicking “send” when the list of recipients is automatically assigned using the process engine);

  4. the owners to be “real time” involved in the construction process, and enabling them to participate if they would like to implement changes. The completion of these objectives will result in dramatic improvement of the construction process as well as dramatic increase of communication between all parties. 


In addition, SelfInspect has all usual elements for team communication and collaboration to increase project success:


  • Common storage (and easy access to) for all members of the project

  • At each moment, system knows who is "is charge" of any task

  • Tracks and archives communications to improve accountability

  • Distributes email notifications for overdue items, and for quality problems – including proper documentation to all members involved in problem

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