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CC: is a collaborative platform technology for the construction market (by RdZebra Ltd.) – with a suite of mobile/web applications.

Key Components: Cloud, Mobile, Collaborative Platform, Innovative Construction Processes, BI and Reporting System, Artificial Intelligence in the Inspection Process (and more to come to other modules), Inspection Methods, Secure user login, Multilingual, and sold using a SaaS model.

The system is especially unique and attractive for those firms that Quality and Inspection makes part of their management methods (on-site inspection and remote inspection)

SmartInspect (a product developed by Jumma's mother company RedZebra) changes the way different actors in the construction field interact among themselves in order to reach maximized quality - while at the same time disrupts the market using new technologies to implement a cloud and mobile platform which is open, handy, accessible and allows for transparent processes.

SmartInspect Delivers a system for Inspection as a process based on a unique intertwining between crafts and assets.

A Consumer mobile App that allows individuals to inspect the construction work being done in their own properties - whether it is a full construction of a house or an apartment, or just renovations.

nspect plans to offer also paid professional services to support individuals with the task.

Product to be launched in 2020



Jumma Technology (a wholly owned subsidiary of RedZebra Ltd., an Israeli Private Boutique Incubator focused on Internet and mobile innovations) is a company aiming at revolutionizing construction inspection management at all stages of the construction site.

We deliver a collaborative cloud platform for construction management with a unique focus on inspection and quality throughout the three major stages of a project: Planning Inspection, Craft Inspection, and Performance Inspection.

Due to international management aspect of the construction projects - a special Inspection paradigm is introduced - "Remote Inspection" through panoramic 360 video and drones using augmented reality technology.  A novel addition to the construction management is introduced - involvement of regulatory and security processes as an integral part of quality assurance, to enable authorities to be part of the selected necessary data.

Orbips revolutionizes the way inspection processes are carried out into the construction sector



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